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1. How did you guys originate and finally come together to create Wovenwar?
– The origination story Wovenwar is a bit odd in comparison to most bands, I’m sure most could understand why… I’ll go for the abridged version:
Wovenwar started when Nick, Phil, Josh, and I made the decision to keep moving forward as a collaborative group, although we solidify our name at that point. After that decision was made we immediately jumped in the jam room to start writing, what would eventually become, the first Wovenwar LP. The four of us didn’t want to complete more material than what was needed to try out vocalists because it was important for us to write WITH and FOR the would-be 5th member. We spoke with a few guys about becoming that 5th member / vocalist, but once Shane demoed vocals on All Rise it was clear to all of us that he was the man for the job. After that we demoed out more songs, created the band name, signed with Metalblade, recorded the record, and then let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

2. What are your overall influences as a band, and what was the process as a band to come up with the overall sound for Wovenwar?
– The influences individually are hard to quantify, but as a band our main influences were our experiences writing with each other for so many years in addition to Shane’s sound and vocal style.

3. What is your favorite song to play live off your first album, and songs you like to play live for your fans?
The #1 song to play live for me is Prophets. It’s always the closer so there’s a natural triumphant element in that respect while also being a triumphant and epic song in and of itself. It’s dark, melodic, and heavy, while still achieving this sense of positivity and completion.

4. What has been your most memorable tour so far as a band, and what tours do you have coming up?
This is a tough one because all of the tours we’ve done as a band have been overwhelmingly epic. Out of the gate we did a US tour with legendary Black Label Society, then a 7.5 week European tour with In Flames to end 2014. In 2015 we started our tour cycle with Periphery & Nothing More which lead straight to a US tour with In Flames and All That Remains, a small club tour in Europe with Sylosis, and then closed out the year with Atreyu, Unearth and a few shows with Sevendust. Needless to say we were so stoked on the touring for our first record and are so thankful for this that supported us and brought this new band out on tour with them.

Right now we are focused on writing and recording the new record, our 2nd record, and planning to start touring again late summer or fall of 2016. Can’t wait to get back out there!

5. What are guys focused on as a band this year in 2016?
– This year is all about making our 2nd record. Now that we have some solid history under our belts as a band after playing live and recording we have so much more to work with as a cohesive group of dudes. Shane’s vocals get better and more insane every day and the way it’s going now this record will be heavier and musically diverse than anything we’ve ever created throughout our careers.


6. Is it true that you guys own and run a music venue called Brick by Brick in San Diego, and what type of bands play there mostly?
– Indeed we do and as you could assume, we are present mostly shows within the genres of heavy metal. It has been an amazing and labor intensive journey since we bought the club. For those that are unaware, Brick by Brick has been around and at the same location for about 20 years now, including the 2 years we’ve had it. Before that it was called the Spirit club doing shows and events similar to what we do now and they were operating in the early 80’s. There’s so much history at this place. More and more I hear about legendary shows that took place within these walls in addition to interesting facts and known experiences about this place from patrons and locals. I had this dude walk in (50-60 years old in business attire) one recent afternoon as I was prepping day sheets for the show happening that evening and he literally paused / stood still with this ‘gaze of reminiscence’ immediately after he made it through the interior entrance. It was like he saw a ghost or an old friend, maybe both? I asked if he was “all good” and if he needed anything and he said, “No…did this place used to be called the Spirit club? Last time I was here was in 1981.” I didn’t ask what show or what happened, but he seemed stoked it was still a club and you could see he was reliving a former life or something beyond him for a moment. [you can paraphrase the long winded story if you want… ha!]

Anyway, I really appreciate how Brick by Brick supported so many epic local, international, and national heavy metal, punk, or rock artists over the years and being a club staple for San Diego. My partners and I are honored to keep it alive and continue the support for artists for great shows for patrons in San Diego.

7. What instruments and music products do you guys support?
– My gear endorsements and current drum rig consists of: DW drums and hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Promark sticks, JH Audio, & Evans drum heads

8. Who would you like to thank, and that supported Wovenwar?
– If I attempted to pull this off I’d end up looking one of those Oscar winners that gets cut off by a commercial break while they try to name off all of their ‘thank you’s’ after they accept the award… Seriously though, we wouldn’t be able to continue with Wovenwar without the support we’ve had from our fans (first and foremost) as well as our family, friends, crew, peers (other bands & artists), record label, management, agents, industry colleagues (MN and the like), and so many other amazing folks around the globe. Our gratitude is endless!

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