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Impending Doom recently put out their sixth album ‘The Sin and Doom; Vol. II’. It’s my favorite release from them since their 2009 album ‘The Serpent Servant’ and it’s a solid comeback considering it’s the first thing they’ve released in five years.

There are a couple reasons I wanted to review this album. The first is that heavy Christian music is basically dead. Sure, there are plenty of small bands that still pop up and a couple of the big ones have vague references to their beliefs, but Impending Doom is one of the few that’s still straightforward about it. After For Today decided to call it quits there has been a massive gap in the Christian metal scene, especially compared to how strong it was in the late 2000’s, and I think Impending Doom should get some credit for partially filling that hole.

Another reason I wanted to review this is because a lot of people loved Fit For A King’s recent single “Tower of Pain”, but may not have realized that it sounds exactly how Impending Doom has sounded since at least 2012. I basically just want to point out that Impending Doom is essentially the deathcore version of FFAK.

It’s interesting though because Impending Doom is still in the 2014 mode of deathcore which was getting closer and closer to metalcore (still has heavy breakdowns but the lyrics became a lot easier to understand). I almost don’t want to call them deathcore because in a lot of ways they’re essentially an extra heavy metalcore band (unlike 2018 deathcore bands like Angelmaker, Oceano, Shadow of Intent, etc.). It’s not bad by any means, and I’m 95% sure this is the style Chelsea Grin’s new album will fall into, it’s just not really deathcore.

The plus side to this album being less technical is that it feels groovier. The way Impending Doom uses the monotone vocal style kind of reminds me of Meshuggah and they do a good job of pairing them with the grooves to build up sections before breakdowns.

Overall this is a solid album by a band that I’m glad is still around. I remember the first time I heard ‘Nailed. Dead. Risen.’ in ninth grade and Impending Doom has had a place in my playlist ever since.

For those that want to argue about whether the Christian scene is dead…let’s not. You can name as many bands as you want but I’ll assume you’ve only been listening to this music for the last few years since you clearly have no clue what the scene was like in 2008.

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