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How did you guys originate and finally come together to create FHTTS?

​Like most other bands, we just started out as a few friends playing music and jamming. Then Andy and myself decided to take it seriously, and we found some like-minded people who liked the music we were making. The rest is history.​

What are your overall influences as a band, and what was the process as a band to come up with the overall sound for FHTTS?

Our influences vary from a lot of different styles of music, tv, film, and real world experiences.​ We like to draw as many infuences into our music as possible to keep things sounding exciting. The overall process is very difficult, we are always trying to find new sounds and ideas to play around with and make our music as unique as possible.

What is your favorite song to play live off your first album, and songs you like to play live for your fans?

Our favourite song to play off the first album is Sea of Darkness. It’s very challenging so it’s fun to play and usually sounds good if we don’t mess it up! Other songs we like to play are Misery, Dead by Dawn and Sink or Swim.


What has been your most memorable tour so far as a band, and what tours do you have coming up?

We toured with Thy Art is Murder and Aversions Crown in Europe. It was an all Australian tour in Europe, so that was epic! It was also our first time overseas so that was a very big moment for us as a band.​

What are guys focused on as a band this year in 2016 and 2017?

We are doing the last touring cycle for our latest album Fortitude. After this we plan to go home and write a new record for release early 2017 if all things go to plan. After the new album is released, we will start the touring cycle all over again!​

What themes and ideas do you guys mostly write about in your songs?

It depends on what mod we are in. But generally Andy write most of the lyrics. We like to write songs that tell a story, but we also like to write songs about real life experiences, and positivity.​

What instruments and music products do you guys support?

Sennheiser, Line 6, and Shure wireless systems. Peavey amps. Suhr and Caparison guitars. Musicman basses. Pearl drums, and Zildjian cymbals.​




Who would you like to thank, and that supported FHTTS?

The people we would like to thank already know who they are, so nothing needs to be said there! But we would like to thank all of our fans, old and new, who continue to support the band. The best is yet to come!​

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