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How did you guys originate and come together as a band?

The band was started when we were 17 by me (Jesse), the drummer Alex, and our original vocalist. We were friends who really liked Misery Signals and wanted to start a melodic metal band with that kind of vibe.

What is the process of writing your music and how did you come to find your origin of your sound?

Each song starts as guitar and gets passed around until all the layers are applied separately. So I write the guitar layers and synth layers before sending it to Alex to add drums. Vocal patterns, melodies, and lyrics are added last. I think most bands figure out their sound after putting out the first couple releases. You start off sounding most like your influences until eventually your sound evolves into your own thing.

What are your overall influences as a band from the past, and present?

In the beginning, our biggest influences were Misery Signals, Saosin, and bands in the realm of Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya. Presently, it’s not something we really think about as much. We kind of just write now. I think a lot of our influence now comes more from just whatever we may be listening to at the time that we start writing. Our new album, “Drift”, feels more like it was influenced by bands like Deftones, Northlane, The Contortionist, Circa Survive, etc.

What is your favorite song to play live for your fans, and why?

I’m not sure if we could pick one favorite because it always kind of changes, and each member has a differing favorite. We really like playing the song “Drift” and the song “Rebirth” currently.


What has been your most memorable tour, and what bands are the best to tour with and why?

The most memorable so far was definitely the Frozen Flame tour with August Burns Red. The shows and venues were the biggest and nicest we’ve ever played, and that band is the perfect band to model your band after. They’re great people and were a great influence on us. Our favorite bands to tour with are probably Invent Animate, The Plot in You, The Contortionist, and Within the Ruins. Those are just the bands that I feel like we’ve connected the most with as people. We could name so many more though honestly. Those 4 just came to mind first.

What tours do you have lined up to come, and what are guys focused on as a band the rest of this year?

We have a tour with The Plot in You coming up in July. We have a couple more cool ones after that, but they have not been announced yet. The focus for the rest of the year is to just keep touring and promoting the new album.

What instruments and music products do you guys support?

We play Ibanez guitars, DiMarzio pickups, EMG pickups, Dark Horse drums, Orange cabinets, Ernie Ball strings, and D’Addario strings. We also use Axe FX and Kemper.

Who would you like to thank, and that has supported you on the way?

Our fans, families, friends, labels, managers, and agents who help us put all the pieces together.

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