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We heard you guys have been in the studio lately and are recording a new album? if so what kind of feel will this album be, and when will it come out?

Right now we are just getting our foot in the door to start the process for album #6. We’d like to take our time with this one and feel comfortable with the songs, the producer we go with, the roll out. We want to stay true to the BTF sound but keep showing growth as a band.

What are your overall influences as a band, and what do you guys like to listen to, to get pumped before a show or on the road, etc?

I think we all find influence from genres other than our own. Rarely will you see any of us listening to something heavy when on the road. I think we are just surrounded by it so much, we listen to things a little calmer. Jams from Purity Ring, Broods, Drake, Schoolboy Q, And artists such as those really put us in a mood. But not to completely write off heavy music, we also get down with Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Architects.

What is your favorite song to play as a band together live, and what do songs you like to play live for your fans that gets them pumped?

We always like to play newer songs and showcase how much we’ve grown in 10 years. Hollow Bodies or OathBreaker are particular songs that just goes off on stage. The energy is always felt on stage and in the crowd.


What has been your most memorable tour so far as a band, and what bands are your favorite to tour with and or places to play at?

I think we can all agree that when we played Summer Slam in the Philippines to 25,000 people in a soccer arena, that was one of the most memorable moments in our career. One of our best friends are August Burns red, so anytime we get out on the road with them and up being a good time full of sports, hangs, and laughs.

What are guys focused on as a band this year and ahead, and up and coming tours?

We want to make sure that this next album is the best it can be. We are really focused on making sure that the final product is some of the finest work we have ever done. As for upcoming tours, we have a few lined up already, and we just want to keep bringing our all on stage every night for our fans.

Who would you like to thank that has supported you guys along the way?

We’d like to thank all our friends, family and fans that have supported us for all these years. Bands come and go, but we are still out here doing what we love and we couldn’t be more grateful for that opportunity. Can’t wait for what’s in store!

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