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1. We heard you guys are playing the Vans Warped Tour this summer, how pumped are you guys for coming up?

We are very pumped. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d say we’re a solid 10.  We went to VWT on an off day in Camden, New Jersey while we were recording our first album and we told each other that as soon as this album drops we’re going to play the following Warped Tour. Thanks to our fans and the hard work everyone on the Bad Omens team has done that’s exactly what we’re doing, and we’re gonna make the best of it.

2. What are your overall influences as a band, and what do you guys like to listen to, to get pumped before a show or on the road, etc?
Lyrically I’d say I’m inspired mostly by hip hop artists. Some of my favorites being J Cole, Kendrick, Nas, The Weeknd, Phora, Vince Staples. Musically, Bad Omens likes to go in an intense early 2000’s rock and metal direction as far as riffs/drums are concerned. One of my all time favorite metal/rock bands is Disturbed and you can probably hear a lot of that influence in riffs like the one heard in Exit Wounds. As well as other bands developed in that era like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace. Nick is a huge Deftones fan, and Vincent – Nine Inch Nails, and Jolly bands like Metallica, and In Flames are his all time favorites. All things I’m sure a good fan of those bands can identify influence from in certain parts of our songs. We really like to take the skeleton of heavy alternative music and add whatever interesting unique elements we can on top of it. Whether it’s a pulsating saw tooth bass sound, and distorted piano or Chinese flutes and deep percussive impacts we’ll try anything we can achieve the biggest most cinematic “in your face” final product. As far as getting pumped up I actually before a show I actually meditate and listen to the most relaxing music I can (typically Runaway by Aurora) before we play in my ear monitors after I warm up my voice. The other guys usually just stretch and warm up their hands/feet etc.

3. What is your favorite song to play as a band together live, and what do songs you like to play live for your fans that gets them pumped?
We can all definitely agree on Reprise (the sound of the end). Something about that song and the way it hits and never really loses its momentum until the bridge gets the crowd so excited, and when the crowd is excited we have the most fun on stage.

4. What has been your most memorable tour so far as a band, and what bands are your favorite to tour with and or places to play at?
I would say the most memorable tour we’ve done was the Ten Years In The Black Tour opening for Asking Alexandria. We played the biggest show we’ve ever played, for the best crowd we’ve ever played for in Montreal, Canada on that tour and it’s been impossible to forget since. As far as bands to tour with I think Atilla and Cane Hill were the most fun but you could’ve probably already imagined that.

5. What are guys focused on as a band this year and ahead, and up and coming tours?
Once we finish our run/festival in Europe, and get off of Vans Warped Tour our first priority is starting the next album. Jolly and I produce/cowrite music for a living so that’s always my favorite thing to do and we’ve been extremely inspired lately and already have some amazing new ideas in the works. The best I can compare the feeling amongst the band right now to is being told a really juicy secret but knowing you can’t tell anyone. It’s nice though to have the time as well as the knowledge this time around to really perfect and craft our album how we want the way we want. The process itself is going to get very interesting to say the least.

6. Who would you like to thank that has supported you guys along the way?
Our management and media team that did and has continued to do the most badass job in the development and roll out of all our content, music videos, press etc. Imperial Artist Management, and Enlighten Creative Studio. Both companies are a huge part of the behind the scenes team we work with on a day to day basis to make this band the best it can be. Our record label Sumerian Records for having faith in us since we were just an idea without a name. Our friends in other newer and upcoming bands we’ve toured with or can’t wait to tour with. Cane Hill, Sylar, Too Close To Touch, and Dark Complex. Most importantly all of our fans. The success of this band and our future is just as much in their hands at the end of the day as it is ours and I want that to be known to each and every one of them.

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