The Color Morale Interview

What inspired the overall theme/song lyrics on your latest album? After our last release (know hope), I spent over a year on the road talking to/connecting to our fanbase.  This was the most [...]

I See Stars

We have been to numerous I See Stars shows over the years, and here is a big reason why. These guys put on the best show in the sense that they just look like they are having fun, and actually [...]

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside’s latest release titled “Dear Youth” isn’t what we were expecting. Some of the songs were fairly repetitive, and some of the songs seemed to be just their standard formula to [...]


With the untimely break-up of As I Lay Dying, we as metalcore fans were left to wonder what the future would hold for such a talented group of musicians. We heard hints from key members of the [...]

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