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How did you guys originate and finally come together to create Atreyu?

Atreyu started off with Alex, Brandon, and Dan as more of a street-punk type of band which was called Retribution.  They played around in the So Cal punk scene for a year or two.  After a few line up changes and a shift in sound the band became what is now known as Atreyu.

What are your overall influences as a band, and how did you guys choose a the sound you play today?

We all grew up listening to a lot of different stuff…obviously, healthy diet of punk, hardcore, and metal, but we all love music in general.  Good music is good music no matter what it is.  I think you’d be pressed to find any musician that only listens to one or two styles of music.

What is your favorite song to play live off your first album, and songs you like to play live for your fans?

We have a song off our first album (Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses) called “Living Each Day Like You’re Already Dead” that I’ve always liked playing live…although it’s been quite a few years since we’ve actually played it  live.  It’s a bit of a deep cut but I’d love to dust that one off and give it a whirl at some point.

What has been your most memorable tour so far as a band, and what tours do you have coming up?

I have a lot of fond (and fuzzy) memories of the Taste of Chaos tour we did in 2006.  Deftones, Thrice, Story of the Year, As I Lay Dying, etc. were all on the bill.  Even though it was freezing in certain parts of the country on that tour, it seemed like every night was a party.  As far as upcoming tours, we’ll be heading down to Australia with Bullet For My Valentine and Cane Hill in October, which we’re really looking forward to (minus the ridiculously long plane ride).  We also put together the first annual Foundation Fest, which will be in December at the Observatory in Orange County.  It’s a two day event which will be featuring Atreyu (playing A Death Grip On Yesterday in its entirety on one of the nights), reunited Adamantium, Death By Stereo, Aeges, The Word Alive, Capsize, and Assuming We Survive.  Definitely gonna be fun.

What are guys focused on as a band in now into 2017?

2017 will be a relatively quiet year for us.  2 of our dudes have kids on the way right now, so they’ll be pulling Dad duties.  We will probably start writing for a new record some time after the new year.

What instruments and music products do you guys support?

As far as guitar related stuff, we use  ESP/LTD guitars, Cleartone Strings, FU Tone, Dunlop, EVH Gear, and EMG pickups.

Who would you like to thank, and that supported Atreyu on the way?

Family and friends deserve a lot of thanks of course, but the lion’s share of thanks goes to the fans.  It sounds cliche and we’ve all heard it before, but they’re the reason we get to do this.  If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t get to do this interview right now.

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