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Attila just released their eighth album titled ‘Villain’ and I’d probably rank it fifth or sixth out of all eight. I’m split on whether I want to applaud their experimentation or criticize the disjointed album their lack of focus created.

Historically I’ve been a big supporter of Attila, and although their obsession with “haters” has annoyed me, I still think they have one of the most energetic sounds in the scene. “Blackout” and “Villain” have the classic Attila sound and I’ll always love when Fronz drops into his low screams.

“Toxic” is by far the best song and you can immediately hear the similarities to Emmure. This is absolutely the sound Attila needs to explore to rejuvenate their fanbase. I feel like they’ve been lost for the last couple years searching for their next big step and they’ve hit a wall.

They overplayed the sound from ‘About That Life’ and clearly tried to flex their creative muscles on ‘Chaos’ which mostly confused fans. Now ‘Villain’ comes out and it just feels incomplete and aimless as it combines elements of their last three albums with guitar solos. The songs are all actually pretty decent, it just sounds like they made a normal Attila EP and an experimental EP and jumbled the songs together. They all stand pretty well on their own, but without a unifying sound the album never hits its stride.

“New Addiction”, “It Is What It Is”, and “Bad Habits” take after their last album with more of an alternative sound. The guitars aren’t nearly as downtuned and Fronz’s vocals are more like yells than anything else.

“Bad Habits” and “Subhuman” feature Fronz singing, and I mean real singing, not rapping. They’re the most experimental songs and they’re surprisingly ok. “Subhuman” reminds me a lot of Bad Omens and they pull it off well.

Overall it’s a decent album. I miss when Attila was the type of “party metal” band that personified a house party rather than a strip club. They’ve trapped themselves in a cycle where they will always be viewed as trying too hard and the perfect example is their guitar solos. They really aren’t that different now than in their old albums, but they still feel forced.

As always, looking up the lyrics to an Attila album or watching the music videos will decrease your enjoyment by 50% so proceed with caution.

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