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The White Noise put out their debut EP ‘Aren’t You Glad’ in 2016 and honestly they are one of the new bands whose future I am super excited about. The crazy thing is that when I first heard about these guys I assumed they were a softer band like Hands Like Houses for some reason so I’m kind of late when it comes to figuring out how awesome they are.  I apologize because I couldn’t have been more wrong. These guys bring a ridiculous amount of energy and I’m sure they’re super fun to see live.  If you’re a fan of bands like Beartooth, Letlive, Every Time I Die, and Chiodo’s newest album you’re going to love The White Noise.  It’s actually really impressive how many sounds they fit into the EP considering it’s only 6 songs.  Their heaviest song is probably “Cosmopolitician” while “Brainwashed” is probably the softest, but they seriously hit every sound in between. The opening cleans in “Picture Day” are so pure and then you can hear him slowly straining them (example is at 2:15) before turning into full on screams.  The instruments have a ton of variety as well.  “Picture Day” is almost calming and then songs like “Cosmopolitician” are way more chaotic and full of energy. Then songs like “Bloom” and “The Doctor Will See You Now” have a good mix of calm and chaotic sections.  That’s actually one of the things I really like about The White Noise. The opening track “The Doctor Will See You Now” (the intro and around 1:10) is the perfect example of how these guys slow down and then explode with twice as much energy as before. It’s like an ebb and flow that gives you a break to collect yourself before getting even crazier for round 2. This is absolutely a band to expect great things from and I can’t wait for a full length album.

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