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How did you guys formulate your sound, and what are your influences as a band?
We got our sound (which is still and always evolving) by mixing our influences together. Jeremy (keys/back vocals) creates a lot of electronic dance music and has had many side projects based around that style brought that influence into the band. Im a huge fan of Hip Hop/ Rap as well as heavy music, so I bring a more rap style vocal approach at times when I can. We also had some help with the sound by working with Chris Rakestraw he’s worked with bands like Megadeth, Deftones, Bring Me ect.

Your latest album just came out a little back. What is your fav songs on that album?
My favorite song on the album hmmmm…. Probably Where are you Now, or Day Dreamer. Both have a lot of meaning to me.

What is your favorite song to play live at your shows?
My favorite song to play on the album is The American Pastime it gets so dark and really puts me into a character vibe feels super gnarly to play that song. (haha)


Your lyrics are powerful. Where does your inspiration for your lyrics come from?
All of my Lyrics thus far have been based off of personal life experience. Life is a roller coaster and sometimes you gotta vent and get stuff out of your head and onto a page, or a song, or in this day and age an Iphone lol.

What is happening ahead for you guys and future plans as a band?
New Songs are in the works, more videos, more shows, and tours. We are very excited to start touring, the future is looking bright for us as a band.

Where can people find your music?
Everywhere, iTunes, spotify, youtube, amazon, pandora, soundcloud, like I said… EVERYWHERE haha

Who do you want to thank for supporting you guys thus far?
I want to thank all the Black Hand fans, our managers, Devon, J, and Shane, Our family, Friends, Girlfriends, Brothers, sisters, and Tupac cause he’s awesome.


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