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Periphery  recently released their fifth album ‘Periphery III: Select Difficulty’ and I strongly believe this is some of their best work.  These guys find the sweet spot between chaos, melody, and djenty grooviness and it’s incredible.  Spencer Sotello’s vocals match what’s going on instrumentally so well.  His cleans soar and match the melodic sections perfectly while his screams go equally well with the chaotic and groovy progressive sections.  This album seriously feels like it takes you on an adventure and each song brings its own elements to the table.  “The Price is Wrong” and “Motormouth” start off the album on a heavy note but then you get to “Marigold” and all the sudden you’re on the more melodic side of things.  That leads you into “Remain Indoors” which starts off pretty soft and continuously builds up to a heavier section before transitioning back into softness.  No two songs sound alike on this album and when you get to a song like “Habitual Line Stepper” you might not even know what to think at first.  That one and “Remain Indoors” are sort of songs that you need to sit back and really soak in.  It’s crazy because they still have real heavy parts but they aren’t songs that you get wild to.  You just sit there and let them wash over you as you appreciate each part that comes next like a wave hitting you with something different each time.  The average song length is really long on this album which lets their progressive elements shine through even more than normal.  It’s awesome because each song can stand on its own, offer something new, and add to the experience as a whole.  It would have been easy to have some filler songs or at least some boring sections but Periphery has proven that they are above that.  Also note that Absolomb (and I think Motormouth) are old Bulb demos so they might sound a little more similar to Periphery’s early work if you want some of that.  “Catch Fire” might be the most unique song on the album, or at least it stands out the most, because it is really soft but it’s still groovy (especially the vocals).  The album ends with “Lune” which creates a crazy atmosphere as it builds up.  It might be the most melodic song on the album and ends it with a nice outro.  I really think this could be one of Periphery’s best albums which is incredible considering how much they experiment and try new things.  They’re machines when it comes to making killer albums and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

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