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Memphis May Fire put out their fifth album ‘This Light I Hold’ and it’s one of 2016’s best releases from a huge metalcore band.  I’ve been disappointed with major bands lately and I give Memphis May Fire massive credit for staying heavy when so many of the bigger bands are abandoning their heavy sound.  On average Matty’s screams actually have a deeper, heavier sound than ever so I’m stoked about that.  Their last album ‘Unconditional’ was pretty preachy and then Matty released a solo album that was purely Christian rock so it’s kind of nice that he got that out of his system for this new record (not that I have a problem with Christian lyrics, I just don’t think it’s their strong suit).  Everything about this album is solid and if you were a fan of their previous work you’ll like this one a lot.  There isn’t anything new or innovative and it’s definitely not going to be the best of the year but it adds to MMF’s repertoire as a major band in the scene.   If Memphis May Fire ever goes back to the southern metal sound they had at the beginning that would really boost them up in my eyes.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about do yourself a favor and listen to their earlier releases like ‘Sleepwalking’ and their self-titled album.  One complaint I have about this release is that there aren’t any standout songs the way ‘Challenger’ had “Legacy” and “Vices” or the way ‘The Hollow’ had “The Sinner” or “The Abandoned”.  That being said, I’m a fan of anything Memphis May Fire puts out as long as they stay heavy so this one has my backing.

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