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Knocked Loose put out their debut album last year and it’s so good.  It’s mostly hardcore with elements of beatdown and metalcore so you probably haven’t heard anything like this before.  The vocals are a mix of screams and yells with a pretty dry delivery.  The instruments are pretty fast paced and match the vocals most of the time but the beatdown parts are really where the heaviness comes in.  If you’re familiar with bands like Converge, Sikth, and The Dillinger Escape Plan then you know exactly what I mean when I talk about “dry” vocals.  “Counting Worms” is a good example of how they switch between dry screams and then transition into juicy beatdown parts.  “The Rain” has the vocalist’s brother come on at the end and for some reason I think that’s like the coolest thing ever.  If you’re a fan of Kublai Khan you’ll really like Knocked Loose.  These guys are raw, gritty, and honestly sound like the definition of crowdkill.  My favorites are “Oblivions Peak”, “Last Words”, and “Laugh Tracks”.  All their songs have a ton of energy but I think each listener really connects with a couple of songs more than others for whatever reason.  This album is full of one liners that are super sick once you learn them because they’re almost always followed up by a crushing breakdown.  I also love the guitarist’s deeper screams and the way the guest vocalists add more depth to the songs. 

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