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Emmure just put out their 7th album ‘Look At Yourself’ and in some ways it’s their best work yet.  Half the songs are like their old stuff and half the songs are a hybrid of Emmure, Glass Cloud, and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.  In case you missed it, last year Frankie (the vocalist) kicked out all the other members of Emmure and essentially replaced them with Glass Cloud’s members, some of which were also in Danza.  If you’ve never listened to Glass Cloud or The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza then you need to do so immediately.  I’m not kidding, your opinion on metal is uninformed until you’re familiar with them.  Josh Travis is one of the best guitarists in metal and his influence cannot be overstated, especially in his new role in Emmure.  Frankie is known for his controversial lyrics and “Flag of The Beast” is as close as he comes to addressing the issue of kicking out all the other members.  Honestly though that was the best thing to ever happen to this band; their music is now levels above where it was before.  A common complaint used to be that every Emmure song sounded the same (which is untrue to begin with) but this album gives so much more variety and technicality that even the most opposed can find something they like.  If you want to hear the new Emmure listen to Torch, Russian Hotel Aftermath, and Smokey (there are others too but these are some of the best examples).  The first five seconds of Major Key Alert and  remind me so much of the opening of a Tony Danza song.  Basically this album has more layers to it than their previous stuff.  The new members took the music to a new depth that has really taken them to the next level.  Literally my only complaint about the album is how short it is.  It has 13 songs but is only 30 minutes long.  Only three songs are over 3 minutes so the majority of them are in the two minute range.  It’s sort of beneficial because it compacts all the intensity in a shorter amount of time but of course I wish it was longer.

Every time I do a review on a band where I have to fill in the back story I don’t talk as much about the specific songs so I’m going to try and fix that.  One of my favorites from the album is “Torch”.  Even compared to other songs on the new album it’s different.  It sort of fills the role that “MDMA” did on ‘Slave To The Game’.  It’s not soft by any means but it has more of an atmospheric, heartfelt feel to it.  It actually reminds me a lot of Breakdown of Sanity the way they fill the breakdowns with interesting piano/light synth sounds.  Another favorite is “Smokey”.  In some ways it reminds me the most of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, especially the end with the distressed sounding guitar notes and Frankie’s vocals lining up perfectly with all the instruments so they hit even harder.  The second half of it, and especially the very end, is some of the hardest parts of any Emmure song ever.  This is some of Emmure’s best work and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s among my favorites of the year.

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