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How did you guys formulate your sound, and what are your influences as a band?
YD: We started as a hardcore band sounded like 90s hardcore such as Shai Hulud, Morning Again to name a few and been evolving the sound on each album. As a band we were mainly influenced by 90s metal band like Pantera, Machine Head and Sepultura but we all love any kind of music.
RYO: Sometimes we mix electro and hip hop with the 90s metal vibes and sometimes we combine J-pop with a melodic hardcore feeling. We been seeking something new and cool which gives listeners some “experience”.

On your latest album, what is your fav songs on that album?
RYO: As a singer, I like the lyrics of Aeon. It’s like a post-apocalyptic “Ashes to Ashes” thing. I love the final breakdown too, which I call it the cosmic dust part. As I speak on the intro track “Helix”, everything turns to dust on that part.
YD: Sanctuary, It’s my favorite one.I could mix heavy riffs and Japanese traditional musical scales.

What is your favorite song to play live at your shows?
YD: It’s “Agony”. This song has cosmic lead guitar parts I love to play.
RYO: Definitely “Hail To The Fire”. It has the element of 90s metal with a huge breakdown.
Everybody can’t stop jumping when the intro riff comes in.

Where does your inspiration for your lyrics come from?
RYO: Mainly my personal feelings like anger, agony and sadness. Then I tie them with social situations with some philosophical thinking. Sometimes it’s personal and abstract and sometimes it’s specific and close to the heart of the others. As for “Devilcry” I was inspired by death. And I used some satanic phrases and referred to “Full Metal Alchemist”.
It turned out to be deep philosophical lyrics.

What is happening ahead for you guys and future plans as a band?
RYO: We’re touring in Europe and North America this summer and back in Europe in Fall.
Hopefully new music will come out in 2020 but I just want to focus on playing shows for now.
YD : At the same time, We’re planning tour for China and Australia near future.
In Japan we’ll do our headline tour with NORTHLANE and hold our own festival called TRUE NORTH festival 2019 in Oct.

Who do you want to thank for supporting you guys thus far?
RYO: Mostly our devoted fans waiting for us coming to their places.
We’re taking over your cities thoroughly.

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