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Breakdown of Sanity put out their fourth album ‘Coexistence’ last year and it was among my favorites from 2016.  This album has without a doubt cemented them as one of the modern metalcore kings.  One thing that sets these guys apart from everybody else is that they have kept their same style throughout their career but they continuously add in sections, vocal styles, and sounds that keeps it fresh.  The mix on this album is unbelievable and their trademark crisp guitar tone makes everything hit you like a train.  In contrast, their vocals are gritty and bleed into different sections which is where a lot of the heaviness comes from.  One of my favorite things about their breakdowns is that they’re crazy heavy and they almost always have something really interesting going on in the background. I literally had to listen to the end of “From The Depths” three times to take in all the insanely cool layers of that breakdown.  A lot of bands are following the trend of having a lot of empty space in their breakdowns which can be cool but the way Breakdown of Sanity does it is ten times better.  The thing about BoS is that they don’t have a single boring part in any of their songs.  Whether it’s cool piano / atmospheric stuff in the background, the screams that slowly build, or the guitar solos there is always something cool going on.  There isn’t a single song or even an extended part of a song that I would skip; they’re all memorable and bring something to the experience.  One of their trademarks that I’m so glad they’re continuing is their frustrated screams that slowly build up and explode right before or after a breakdown.  Another cool thing is their heavy vocals; a couple parts even approach a deathcore sound.  There’s a lot more to these guys than breakdowns although those are the highlights.  I also like how melodic they are despite the heaviness, that’s part of the atmosphere that they bring.

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