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Bad Omens released their self-titled debut album last year and it’s one of my favorite releases from a new band. I expected them to have great screams (and they do) but what really surprised me is how solid their cleans are.  The album actually isn’t as heavy as I expected it to be but they make up for it with how good everything else is.  They also proved how versatile they can be on “The Letdown” and “The Worst In Me” which literally sounds like they could have been off of the Sempiternal album by Bring Me The Horizon. I don’t like basing a review of a band off another band but Sempiternal was so amazing and the softer songs off of this album are in the exact same realm as that.  “Feral” and “Enough, Enough Now” also have a good mix of their softer and heavier sides. “Malice” is probably my favorite song off the album because it really plays up to their strengths. It’s a little heavier than the first two tracks, the cleans add a lot of support, and the song ends with the creepy vocals and piano outro. It might just be me but every once in a while I hear little glimpses of Bring Me The Horizon’s vocals from their ‘There Is A Hell…” album and it’s pretty cool to hear because I miss that sound.  Songs like “Broken Youth” really showcase how good these guys are (the whole section from 1:00 to 1:45 and then the breakdown that follows is so good).  Every once in a while the screams sound a little like Tyler Dennen from Sworn In and those moments are pretty cool too. Of all the softer songs I think “The Fountain” is my favorite because of the progression throughout the song as new elements get added in. Bad Omens have a ton of potential and I’m seriously excited about their future; they have everything it takes to bridge metalcore with the softer side that bands have only recently started to explore.

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