Atilla – Villian

Attila just released their eighth album titled ‘Villain’ and I’d probably rank it fifth or sixth out of all eight. I’m split on whether I want to applaud their [...]

I Prevail

I Prevail’s third album ‘Trauma’ has turned me into a fan. I’m not going to lie, I’ve largely ignored these guys and even scoffed at them for headlining over more [...]


Periphery just keeps getting better and better. Despite leaving Sumerian records and releasing their sixth album, ‘Hail Stan’, on their own label, Periphery takes the sound they [...]

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake released their third major album and despite their best efforts these guys are still somehow the best kept secret in metalcore. Every time I post about them somebody says, “wow [...]

Crystal Lake Interview

How did you guys formulate your sound, and what are your influences as a band? YD: We started as a hardcore band sounded like 90s hardcore such as Shai Hulud, Morning Again to name a few and been [...]

The Afterimage

The Afterimage released their debut album ‘Eve’ a couple months ago and it’s all I’ve been listening to the last couple days. If you’re a fan of bands like Erra, Invent Animate, or A Skylit Drive [...]

Impending Doom

Impending Doom recently put out their sixth album ‘The Sin and Doom; Vol. II’. It’s my favorite release from them since their 2009 album ‘The Serpent Servant’ and it’s a solid comeback [...]

Dance Gavin Dance

Earlier this year Dance Gavin Dance released their 8th album titled ‘Artificial Selection’. They’ve been on a crazy hot streak for the last couple years and I’m surprised by how great of a follow [...]


Erra just released their fourth album ‘Neon’. It’s the second album that has JT Cavey on vocals and it builds on the foundation they laid with ‘Drift’. Plain and simple, this album is great. It [...]

The Black Hand Interview

How did you guys formulate your sound, and what are your influences as a band? We got our sound (which is still and always evolving) by mixing our influences together. Jeremy (keys/back vocals) [...]

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