Attila recently released their 7th album ‘Chaos’ and surprisingly I don’t completely hate it.  Look, I’m actually a huge fan of Attila; they have an incredibly fun live show and I’ve seen them 5 or 6 times.  That being said, I have no problem ripping into them.  Chaos is only half as stupid as Guilty Pleasure so that is definitely an improvement.  All their lyrics still revolve around haters and calling other people bitches and telling them to suck dicks but at least they switched up styles and didn’t make the same album for the third time in a row.  They certainly have changed up their sound and you can tell Fronz wishes his rap album did better because he’s starting to straight up rap in Attila’s music now (“Moshpit” and “Queen” are the best examples but he puts smaller sections all throughout).  Attila won’t ever beat the sound they had on ‘Rage’ or ‘Outlawed’ but at least they stopped making music like ‘Guilty Pleasure’.  When they went from ‘About That Life’ to ‘Guilty Pleasure’ they got ten times worse so I expected them to follow that trajectory so the fact that they didn’t was a pleasant surprise.  Fronz seems determined to continue rapping and basically talking through his verses while mixing in a sort of clean singing while still keeping a couple super heavy sections.  Overall they’ve gotten softer because Fronz suddenly wants to start clean singing and doesn’t do as many crazy lows but like I said I kind of welcome the change if it prevents them from purposely becoming more stupid.  My main issue with Attila is that nobody hated on their music until they started writing about haters.  Everybody knew they were a party band but ‘Outlawed’ was still everyone’s guilty pleasure (lol puns).  Sure they got a little heat but back then Attila was widely liked and then they put out a follow up album that suddenly started talking about having haters as if that was a thing.  Whatever you think of Attila, they certainly play the game correctly and if nothing else Fronz gets credit for signing The Plot In You and Enterprise Earth to his record label.  As always I look forward to whatever Attila puts out next.  My picks from ‘Chaos’: Let’s Get Abucted, Legend, and All Hail Rock and Roll.

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