Bless The Fall Interview

We heard you guys have been in the studio lately and are recording a new album? if so what kind of feel will this album be, and when will it come out? Right now we are just getting our foot in [...]


Memphis May Fire put out their fifth album ‘This Light I Hold’ and it’s one of 2016’s best releases from a huge metalcore band.  I’ve been disappointed with major bands lately and I give [...]


Knocked Loose put out their debut album last year and it’s so good.  It’s mostly hardcore with elements of beatdown and metalcore so you probably haven’t heard anything like this before.  The [...]


Periphery  recently released their fifth album ‘Periphery III: Select Difficulty’ and I strongly believe this is some of their best work.  These guys find the sweet spot between chaos, melody, [...]


Breakdown of Sanity put out their fourth album ‘Coexistence’ last year and it was among my favorites from 2016.  This album has without a doubt cemented them as one of the modern metalcore [...]

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